SEO Book Review: Outsmarting Google by Evan Bailyn

Just finished reading Outsmarting Google® – SEO Secrets to Winning New Business and wanted to share this SEO Book Review…

SEO Book ReviewWant first page ranking for search engine results? Then you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to even get found online.

Of course there’s no shortage of SEO experts ready to dazzle you with their skills, but how do you determine brilliance from BS?

Is there a way to know what works, what is a waste of time, and even worse what will get you banished from results altogether?

These are the questions answered by Evan Bailyn with Bradley Bailyn in their book “Outsmarting Google® – SEO Secrets to Winning New Business” released in March 2011.

This book provides an easy to understand explanation of SEO condensed into 218 pages that is perfect for any business owner looking for the low down on search engine optimization.

Here’s a quick look at what’s covered:

Chapter 1: Trust – The Currency of Google*

Chapter 2: The Five Ingredients of Google Optimization

Chapter 3: How to Reel in Links

Chapter 4: Using Time to Gain Trust

Chapter 5: The Nuclear Football

Chapter 6: Google AdWords as a Complement to SEO

Chapter 7: Tracking Your Progress with Search Operators

Chapter 8: Google Optimization Myths

Chapter 9: White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO

Chapter 10: Optimizing for Yahoo! and Bing

Chapter 11: Converting Your SEO Results into Paying Customers

Chapter 12: The Intersection of Social Media and SEO

Chapter 13: The Future of SEO

Note:*GOOGLE is a trademark of Google Inc. This article was written based on research and professional experience.  This author, company, and website are not endorsed by or affiliated with GOOGLE Inc.

If you read just Chapters 2 and 5 you will be light years ahead of most people when it comes to understanding how to optimize a website for search.

Chapter 2 explains the five core ingredients of Google™ search engine optimization:

  1. SEO Keyword Selection
  2. Meta Page Title
  3. Quality Links
  4. URL Structure
  5. Time

There are so many websites that just plain get this part wrong. Every day I’m asked to review sites by frustrated business owners only to find the web designer has done a poor job with their SEO page title, using only the company name and failing to work in even a few basic keywords.

The case studies show how easy it is to condense several keywords into a page title that is friendly to both users and search engines. With simple explanations and actionable instructions a website can use all 5 factors to increase their trust factor and rankings.

Of course the algorithms used by Google™ search and other engines are constantly changing but there is one unfailing constant.

Deliver quality content on a regular basis that fills the needs and wants of visitors.

This is the principal behind of The Nuclear Football technique, detailed in Chapter 5, that combines consistent quality content with the use of long-tail keywords.

Outsmarting Google – SEO Secrets to Winning New Business is a must read for anyone new to SEO. It cuts to the bottom line without getting bogged down in too much technical jargon. If you are a small business owner wanting to hire SEO services it will empower you with the knowledge needed to avoid getting ripped off.

For the intermediate practitioners of SEO it will reaffirm your knowledge and possibly provide a few new ideas. While there’s not much new here for the advanced it will hopefully make a few reconsider the use of any Black Hat SEO techniques that can temporarily boost rankings but hurt their clients’ sites in the long run.

Bottom line, this is a solid handbook for anyone wanting to learn how SEO truly works. We’ve helped sites get first page rankings and know these SEO tips and tricks get results. You can pick up a copy of SEO Secrets at your local bookstore or online at Amazon.

If you need any help implementing these strategies please feel free to contact us. We provide local SEO services along with a complimentary analysis of your website and keywords.

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